Edco Learning Support

Instructional Videos

How to Register for an Account


A guide to setting up your Edco Learning account and logging in to your app for the first time.

How to Download your E-Books into your Edco Learning App


This video explains how to download your e-books into your Edco Learning app. 

How to use the additional ‘Edco Resources’ included with your E-Book


This tutorial will show you how to access any additional digital resources that may be included with your E-Book such as Audio, Video, PowerPoints and more!

How to Redeem your E-book Code


How to redeem the free e-book code on your textbook to access your e-book on Edco Learning.

How to use the Tools available in your Edco Learning App

This video explains the use of tools including Drag, Draw, Highlighter, Notes and Bookmarks.



Simply select the ‘Forgot your login details?’ link beneath the username and password fields on the login screen and enter the email address associated with your Edco Learning account. Please note, a username/password reminder email is automatically issued after three failed login attempts.

You can change your account details by logging into your Edco Learning account and selecting the ‘My Account’ option in the top right-hand corner.

For security purposes, your Edco Learning account will lock after ten failed login attempts. To unlock your account, please email support@edcolearning.ie with your username/email address.

If your device is damaged or you simply wish to view your e-books on another device, simply log into www.edcolearning.ie or the Edco Learning app using your original username/password. Your e-books are not locked to any specific device but rather to your Edco Learning account.


E-books may be redeemed through the Edco Learning website, www.edcolearning.ie/code

E-book licences may be purchased from www.edco.ie. Simply select ‘Students & Parents’ under ‘Shop for Books’ to search a range of titles available.

Please send an image of your damaged code to support@edcolearning.ie, and we will attempt to retrieve your code or issue a replacement code if necessary.

Unfortunately, a small number of our publications pre-date our offer of a free e-book code with the purchase of a physical textbook, and consequently, do not contain an e-book code. In this instance, please contact support@edcolearning.ie and include the title of your textbook.

Yes, you will simply be asked to enter a parent/guardian’s email during registration and they will be notified that you have created an account. 


Access to Edco ebooks is based on your school’s booklist, so if you do not have the correct access it is probably because we don’t have an updated or complete booklist from your school. If you would like to send your booklist to booklist@edcolearning.ie, we can ensure your Edco Learning account is updated accordingly.

You can change your account details by logging into www.edcolearning.ie and selecting the ‘My Account’ option in the top right-hand corner.

You can trial an ebook on Edco Learning by logging into your account and selecting ‘Trial e-book’ option located on the top right-hand side of the screen. When you locate the title you wish to trial, simply click on the cover. The trial will be active on your bookshelf for 30 days. 

If you have any additional questions, please select the button below to contact a member of the Edco Learning Support Team.